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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Hi Friends,

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah I got two letters this week Zip-a-dee-ay I really hit the jackpot! Thanks Patches and Maddie! Here they are:

Dear Buddy,

 On Jan. 15 the, I will be with mom, dad & booger baby one month. Life is good! I go back to my doctor in March to see if the heart worm is gone and I'm a little scared. Keep your paws crossed.

The Ark Paws and Claws Bookstore wants your readers to know that they got in more than 300 SCI FI and Fantasy books and they are on the shelves. Starting next month, the bookstore is going to feature books that will go with that specific month. February will be romance, presidents and black history. The featured books can be found on the end-caps of the bookcases. Well I gotta get to bed, we're going to Auburn tomorrow and I love riding in the car!

See you, Patches

Hi Buddy,

My name is Maddie. I am a happy, fun loving girl. I have a forever home now and I am so happy. I have lived at the sanctuary twice and they are nice to me there, but I love having parents who adore me.

When I moved in with mom and dad three months ago, I was afraid of everything, especially men. Someone in my past was very mean to me and I don't know why. I am a good girl. I know this because my mom and dad tell me this all the time. My new dad taught me that men can be very kind and loving.

I get to take long walks in the woods and field two or three times a day. I don't need a leash because I stay close to mom and dad. I love to run and explore but I don't let mom and dad out of my sight. I don't want to lose them! I have two beds and lots of toys and chewy bones. I have packed on some pounds, but dad said it is all muscle! When I take my walks, I like to stop by the neighbor’s house to visit and get treats. They all love me!

I have a job now to earn my keep. I need to make sure those pesky ducks and geese stay out of our yards and in the lake where they belong. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

We have a box at our house called a TV. There are lots of animals in it that run around and make noise. I love to watch this with mom and dad in the evenings.

I wish all of my friends at the sanctuary could have a home like mine. Mom and Dad said that they didn't know what they did before I came to live with them. My friends could make many families happy.

Thanks Buddy, Maddie

I just have to! I just have to share with you what I found this week. It was so very cool and I was so very proud! I was in the woods running with my four legged friends, my mom and her friend. I wondered off, just a little, and when I came back I had found a real treasure! It was about 2 feet long, had brown fur and a few tips of hard black stuff on one end. I looked at it as quite a find, like one in a million!

I was so excited I just pranced and danced and went in circle all the time my four legged friends were trying to get it from me. I was the big guy and quick guy so I just kept dancing and zinging and zagging and kept it all to myself. Guess maybe I should have shared. My mom got some pictures and she and her friend just laughed and laughed. Do you know what it was?

Two more things for this week:

1. We really need some people to step up and volunteer at the Paws and Claws bookstore. It is pretty fun being there and the work is not really work, but more like visiting and helping people a little now and then. If you are tired of being inside the house and would like to help us out please give us a call at 562-2100 and we can chat about it some more.

2. Get those stories turned in for Buddy’s Book. You can catch the information on his blog at Join the group that has already turned stories in.

Your Friend,