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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Whew, another hot week! Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water and shade. Remember the pavement is hot on their feet as well. Choose to walk early or late if you walk.

August 12 is the very first Paddle down the Pigeon with your pooch. This sounds very much like a cool time. More information of the ARK website:

The Buddy contest is still underway. Draw your picture of what you think Buddy looks like and send to The Paws and Claws book store in Howe. The winner will be announced at the annual ARK dinner auction on September 18. Prizes and a special appearance of “Buddy.”

I am a pretty up beat kind of guy, but something sad happened this week. I just can’t get it out of my mind and I want to share only because I don’t want it to happen to all the friends I have made through Buddy’s column. I had a friend and his name was Buddy just like mine – well actually his name was Little Buddy, but he was a big guy and loved to run and play with his people sisters. His mom and dad loved him very much. He was a great friend to them as well. In fact, he was special in the eyes of his family just like my other friends are in their families. He lived in the country close to a lake.

This is what happened - he saw his sisters coming up from the lake and darted out of the van excited to see and be with them. You guessed it. A car was coming way too fast for the speed limit on this road and hit my friend Little Buddy. The only thing that could make this event even worse, the person driving did not stop. Big Buddy’s family raced him to the vet but his injuries were so severe internally he didn’t make it.

Little Buddy’s family is sad, lost and devastated, missing his cheerfulness, tags jingling lots of other things but mostly his love. It is so important that our families help my friends to understand what boundaries are and help us learn and live them.

What is even harder to understand is why the person who hit my friend did not stop. Please if this horrible scene ever happens to you stop and allow the family to speak with you. My big friend Little Buddy’s family will never know if the driver did this by accident or not. It is very important for the family and yes even the driver to help bring closure to an accident.

Always remember we are like kids, we need much love and discipline. Please make sure your mom and dad help you know the boundaries that are safe for you. My people friends will miss Little Buddy and I will too.

A very long time ago when my good friend lost her dog her aunt gave some sound understanding and comfort with these words. “You will never have another dog like the one you lost, but you can love another dog just as much, and enjoy all the happiness they can bring.”

Remember to write me and share your story. my I am waiting.

Your Friend,