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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Dear friends,

    Happy Yappy New Year!  Are all your New Year resolutions gone? Here is one to think about…Rescued is the best breed. Think about it, and get yourself to the Ark Animal Sanctuary and full fill that resolution!

    My trip to North Carolina was awesome. Besides the fact I spent an entire week with my grandparents and my mom and that was totally cool, I sat on someone’s lap all the way to North Carolina and all the way back. I went on three long walks daily with my niece Catherine while she practiced on her new Christmas bike. It looks kinda funny as it has four wheels. I heard my mom say “It will not be long until there are only two wheels.”

    We played camping and I snuggled with her in her tent.  We spent some time at a dog park where there were lots and lots of dogs with owners and smiles on all the human’s faces. Santa was good to me – he gave me a new raincoat and a toy that floats so when I am on the raft this summer I can jump off and swim to it.  I wanted to try it in the bathtub but my mom said it would be better to wait until summer.

    I got a little scared once while I was gone. My uncle has a fenced-in backyard but, you guessed it, I found a hole. Yep, you called it, I went through the hole. I didn’t go very far because I looked around and thought, “Oooh, I remember being lost and I sure don’t want this again.” Just about that time my mom looked out the back window and saw I was not in the yard. She came out of the house and called my name and I popped up right around the corner. I am so glad!

    Wiggles and wags to all of you who have found the acrylic doghouses around the county and have placed not only coins, but paper money in as well.  All money will go for the animals at the sanctuary. That reminds me, check it out – I believe YOUR forever friend is waiting for you there.

    Wiggles and Wags to Lisa Kohne.  She is a yoga lady. I am not sure what a yoga lady is but I do know this, she held a special candlelight yoga session before Christmas where the admission was a can of dog or cat food or some kind of supply for the sanctuary. There was a great turnout and lots of food was given plus, about $100 in cash for all my friends. When I heard this I wiped away a tear in gratitude that my friends are so lucky that there are so many nice people around to help them until they find their forever home.  Thanks Lisa, I would like to meet you. Do dogs do yoga?  I would love to try.

    The stories are beginning to come in for Buddy’s book. I sure hope you will share your story, which should be told through your pet’s eyes. Remember, if you send a picture we will also print this. Send your stories and photos to: Buddy, P.O. Box 95, Howe, IN 46746-0095. Deadline is Feb. 14.

    One last thing – with the cold weather please make sure your pet has fresh water daily and that their bed is warm and dry of they are kept outside. It is better when it is very cold for your pet to come inside – they are depending on you to keep them well, safe and happy.

Your friend, Buddy