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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

I got a letter! I got a letter! From a new friend too. This is pretty exciting to me. I love meeting new friends and learning all about their special stories. Let me share it with you.

Dear Buddy,

At your book signing a few years ago my mom promised to tell my story, but as she is the queen of procrastination it has been a while – quite a while! I’m a Florida dog as that is where I was when mom and dad went looking for someone to fill the aching spot in their hearts when my predecessor got very sick and went to wait for them at the Rainbow Bridge.

I was at the shelter in Ft. Myers and looking kind of pitiful when they came to look at me there. I had evidently recently had a litter of puppies and was missing them and not feeling very secure in my stark surroundings. They must have felt sorry for me because they took me home with them and it didn’t take long for me to fit in there!

Mom says I’m her third pound rescue and we’ve all been super dogs! The first thing they did was take me to the vet to make sure I was okay and the vet said I had several litters of puppies but I don’t have to worry about that any more as I was spayed at the shelter.

I kind of look like a Bichon but don’t have any official papers or anything but I’ve been told I’m pretty cute and I know mom thinks so! I get groomed on a regular basis, have plenty to eat, and go for regular checkups to stay healthy. Even though I came from the south, after a first winter of adjustment, I like Indiana pretty well. My main job now is keeping lookout on the deck and running the fence line to scope out intruders. I also take mom for walks every day. She says it is good for both of us.

My most important job though is keeping Mom company now that dad is gone. I keep her feet warm at night and serve as co-pilot when she drives. I’m a very good traveler and know how to behave in the best hotels. I’ve been to lots of cool places! Of course I’m not getting any younger (neither is mom!) so my smeller’s not as good as it used to be, I have a little trouble deciding just where a sound is coming from and I’m getting those darn things called cataracts in my eyes but mom says we’ll just get old together.

It is such a great feeling to be petted, loved and cared for every day. I don’t miss those scary cages and cold concrete floors one bit! There were so many other guys that needed homes; I hope they found good place to go also. Mom says she would never get a dog any other place as there are so many great pets looking for homes in shelters.

Well, I think its feeding time so I’m going to go rattle my bowl so mom doesn’t forget. She is a little absent-minded these days. Thanks Buddy.

Thanks for the letter but I don’t know what to call you. I have seen you with your mom because on our way to the woods we sometimes pass you walking. I am glad for you and I hope also that all our friends will be as lucky as we are. Thanks for the note. Let me know some of the cool stuff you do in Florida.

My town mom has been gone. Seems like she was gone for a very long time. She was pretty happy to see me and she told me this story about Gertie. She said it was a schnauzer thing. Maybe you will understand.

When she got home, it was late and Gertie barked at her. She looked at her, smelled her and walked away. My town mom said she tried to get her to come to her but Gertie would have nothing to do with her. It took Gertie about three days before she wagged her tail and was happy.

My town mom said she was pouting. Me? I was just glad to see her. She told me of walking with the gorillas, was very close to a huge silverback and seeing thousands of wild animals. Thousands! She whispered in my ear that it was good to be home and have me on her lap again. I am not sure what a silverback is but from what she said he must have been very big. I had a little visit with Gertie and told her she should be glad that her mom is back home again and that she should not treat her like that. Gertie said, “Mind your own business.” I am just glad she is back home and we are doing what we always do.

Quote of the week: “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” Orhan Panuk “My Name is Red.”

Your “fur-ever” friend, Buddy