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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Dear Friends,

Wow, I hit the jackpot this week. I have 2 stories to share with you.

Dear Buddy,

We love your life stories. Here is our story. Our names are Bear and Buford we are 5 1/2 yrs old and we live with Grandpa and Grandma in Howe. Their Grandson Nate thought they needed us after their old and much loved cats had passed. He and his Mom brought us to them at 5 weeks old and it has been a blast. We get into everything but are spoiled and much loved. Once Nate was very sick and Grandma would call and tell him about our antics he really enjoyed this.

We have a new kitten in our home and it is hard sharing our toys and space with him, but after awhile hopefully things will get better. We have a great home which we also share with a cocker and all are much loved.

Glad you have a great life and we enjoy reading your article every week.

We are cats. Bear is as black as a bear that is how he got his name Buford is named after a town named Buford, Wyoming which my Grandpa goes by on his way to Colorado it is a one store town population 2 He just liked the name Grandma calls me Buffie, and yes we are brothers. Right now we are sleeping in the sun and loving it.

Take Care, Bear and Buford.

Thanks Bear and Buford I am sure glad you have a great loving and warm home.

Dear Buddy,

This is not a story about a dog or cat, but it’s a cool story. I hope you can use it.

In November some students of Hebron Christian School were playing outside when a yearling deer ran across the road towards us.

The kids started following it and got the rest of the kids to come out and look at it too. After a while the teacher told everyone to go inside and this young buck followed us into the school. It visited 3 classrooms, a restroom and walked around in the hall. It also took a drink!

We named it ‘Flag’ after the pet deer in the book The Yearling by Marjorie K. Rawlings which one classroom was reading at the time. We put some masking tape on its leg to mark it and then let it out the front door. Later on in November it came back for some more attention but this time didn’t go into the classroom and we noticed it didn’t have its tag on anymore. We all hope it is ok and will come back again soon.

Thanks Logan and LaWayne for this story. I have some deer that visit behind my house. I love looking out the window they are so pretty and I like watching them run. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I chase them in the woods. They run really fast.

Just a reminder about submitting your stories for Buddy’s Buds book. Mail your story to P.O. Box 95 Howe, Ind. 46746 with a small picture and your story will appear in a book. If you need ideas check out my blog at:

Keep your stories coming, I love reading about other adventures.

One last thing, keep your eyes open for some really cool acrylic dog houses that will be popping up around the area. They have a really cute picture of a dog and a cat on the front. They are to help support all my good friends at the Sanctuary. Tell all your friends when they see one of these to drop their extra coins or dollars in the house and help my friends out. All the money will go for expenses at the Sanctuary, food, medicine and general care of all dogs and cats.

Your Friend,