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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

How about those Broncos! Gertie was talking to me on Monday after the game Sunday. She said her mom was a little wild. I know a little bit about that because my lake mom is wild when the Spartans play. I am used to hearing her yell and slap the couch. Gertie said her mom yelled so loud it and slapped the couch it scared her and she went back to the bedroom and went into the closet. I am glad the Broncos won. I told Gertie she better come to my house during the Super Bowl and we could hang out together.

Our routine when we come back from the woods is my town mom fixes a cup of coffee and I get to sit in her lap while she drinks it. She told me I did something funny last week after our walk. I was snoozing real well on her lap, all snuggled in and cozy like and all of a sudden I started chasing rabbits. She said it was rabbits; please don’t tell her, I really was chasing the pigs – and enjoying it too! She said all four of my feet were moving and I was barking. She said it woke Gertie up and she came over to the chair to see what she was missing. I guess I was dreaming or maybe I was wishing. I know I was having a great time. I hope I taped it so I can replay it again and again.

Did you read the story about Sadie? How very cool is that! I wish we had more people like that Mr. L. In case you missed it you can find it on our web site or on our face book page. Sadie I am so happy for you! My town mom said there were a ton of “hits” on the face book page. I don’t think I understand what “hits” are, but by the smile on her face I am thinking it is a good things.

The Paws and Claws Bookstore called and wanted me to tell you that during the month of February you can find special books on our presidents and their families, information about black history and love stories. Those authors who have a birthday in February are Janette Oke, Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham and the gals there said they will have a special spot at the store. Check it out. I have been there and there are so many books you could read one every day for five years and not read them all. That is, of course, if you can read. You do know I hope how much the bookstore helps Ark. We are thankful for the volunteers there and all the people who donate books.

February is a month that my town mom says is important to our teeth. Hmm, I thought every month was important. I am thinking what would I do without my teeth? I couldn’t smile, I would have trouble with the treats I get, and I would think it would be hard to eat too. She told me it is just a month that is set aside to promote (I don’t get this word) better dental care for dogs. She said that dogs can get bad teeth just like people do and that it is important to have the vet check our teeth once a year to make sure we don’t have any problems. I don’t want problems because if I didn’t have my teeth and I smiled I would probably not get the treats I get. It doesn’t hurt and it is a good thing to do. My new friend Sadie is going to have some dental work done to help her, too.

Congratulations to Carol at the sanctuary. She was our volunteer of the year! Volunteers are awesome and we love them. Great going Carol!

Quote of the week: “God said I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs, yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind. Somebody who will spend all day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirits of a broken heart, so God made a dog.” Unknown

Prayer for animals: “Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals, especially for animals who are suffering; for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death. We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and to share the blessings of the merciful.” Albert Schweitzer.

Your “fur-ever” friend, Buddy