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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Dear friends,

Wiggles and Wags – no, I mean oodles of WIGGLES AND WAGS to the Lakeland High School Business and Finance class under the direction of Robert Albaugh who created the outstanding calendar of all my friends at the Ark Sanctuary who are looking for their forever homes. WOW!

You need to check it out it is a great gift for your friends this Christmas. Here is where you can find them: The Ark Sanctuary, Miller’s Super Valu, Lakeland High School, Lakeland Middle School, Wolcott Mills Elementary School, Lakeland Corporation Office, Paws and Claws Bookstore in Howe, Topeka Pharmacy, and Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to my friends at the Ark Sanctuary. Thanks L.H.S. Business and Finance class, you are top notch in my book!

I was speaking with Brian at the Ark Sanctuary this week and you can help by donating some paper towels, laundry soap and bleach. These are not huge items, but just the same the sanctuary needs them and you can help. You also can help by spreading the word that my friends need homes.

The article below appeared in a newspaper in May 1994, written by Margaret Tarney. A friend of mine sent it to me and it’s a great story so I decided to share it with you this week. I hope you enjoy it as I did. It is printed with permission.

A drama unfolded about three weeks ago that was truly “Lassie” style. Only this one was for real – not reel. A German shepherd mix named “Rocky,” not Lassie, was the hero. It began when Christy of rural Kendallville found that her one-year-old Akita named Timber, who had been tied out on the patio, and the cable that held him were gone.

Frequently Timber and Rocky, also one year old, took off on a little adventure. Rocky belongs to Monte and Julie, next door neighbors of Christy and her husband Chuck. They are inseparable friends. Rocky was not around either, so Christy assumed they had taken off again. But it did worry her that Timber was trailing his long cable.

She began a search, both on foot then on her four-wheeler, which turned up no clues to his whereabouts. After about six hours of hunting for him, she returned home to put on warmer clothing and to see if Timber had returned on his own. While she was in the house, Timber’s buddy, Rocky, showed up on the deck soaking wet. When she saw him she figured Timber would soon show up, too.

But no Timber. Rocky kept looking toward the woods, then back at her. She knew he wanted to follow him, so she took off on foot. “I couldn’t run as fast as Rocky,” Christy said. “And, it was tough going. I ran through brambles and mud up to my ankles. He led me through open fields, and woods for more than a mile.” At this point, she wasn’t sure whose property she was on but she knew she was off their grounds. Then, she heard a dog barking. But by this time she could no longer see Rocky. She kept on running and soon she realized it was her dog’s bark. She kept yelling Timber’s name, all the time wondering why he didn’t run to her. “Was he in a trap? Was he caught in a fence? Was he caught by the cable?” she wondered.

By this time, Christy was in a swamp, waist-deep in water. In her zest to find her beloved pet, she fell down several times in the water and was so tired she had to stop at one point. After a brief rest, she continued her search. She kept yelling at Timber and when he heard her voice, his bark changed from a fearful one to a “oh, good, Mom’s going to save me” bark, she said. Finally, she saw him standing in water up to his neck, the cable wrapped around a fallen tree. And who was standing there beside his buddy? You guess it – Rocky!

The cable was so taught that Timber’s head was barely out of the water. She could not loosen it so finally unsnapped the cable from his collar. After Timber was set free, she noticed a raccoon up a nearby tree. She figured the reason Timber got into the predicament was because he was chasing the raccoon.

Christy, Timber and Rocky were cold and they were soaked and exhausted as well. But both dogs stayed by her side on the trek home. Christy said she knows cats are to have nine lives, but she feels that maybe dogs – at least Timber – must have nine lives too. When Timber came into the family they were told he probably would not like other dogs, especially males, but he has proven them wrong on all counts, especially with his close friendship with Rocky. He also loves people and children.

At the writing of the article in 1994, there was a happy ending. Everyone was safe and sound. No one caught a cold and Rocky didn’t let his celebrity status go to his head. He and Timber remained best friends.

               Your friend, Buddy