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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Well, it happened again. Friend on the loose with no collar and no tags.

I feel very strongly about this because it is what happened to me. I was on the loose with no collar and no tags. I was one of the lucky guys. I found a great home and I love where I am. I have tags, a collar and am also microchipped.

The little guy running loose found my mom’s house. It was very late and it was raining and he ran into the back yard when the door to the gate was open. She took him in, fed him, warmed him, loved him and tried to find his owner. He was not chipped, but she notified the Ark Sanctuary and Brian was able to find the owner. Wiggles and Wags!!! The dog and owner were reunited. Please, please, please put collars and tags on your pets. Better yet, have them microchipped.

It’s a great happy ending, but my ears droop when I think of how horrible it could have been for him. Remember, collars, tags and chips are important for us!

Do you remember Kingston? He wrote a story not too long ago and now he has another friend he wants you to meet:

My friend is Tommy.

He is a good looking and handsome orange tomcat. Right now he lives under and on the deck of a house at Oliver Lake. He loves to sit on the rail of the deck and watch the world go by. He looks so cute while he waits until the family gets up and then he gets his breakfast.  The people love Tommy and they say he is a great kitty. He loves them, too!

Here is the situation, the people have a grandson and he is allergic to cats. So, Tommy needs to find a new home. It was okay for him to live under the deck during the warm months, but they want him to be warm during the cold winter months, too. The people hate to lose him but they need to be able to have their grandson come and visit when he can.

Do you think you can help him find a new home? Tommy has his shots, has been neutered, and is in good health. He loves to be petted and he is very friendly. If you have ever had a cat then you know how then can keep your calm and relieve stress. If you think Tommy is the cat to make your life better, call the Ark Sanctuary at 463-4142 for additional information.

If you are looking for some ideas to help the sanctuary, here they are: Science Diet dry dog and cat food, laundry detergent, bleach, contractor garbage bags, and, of course, money is always welcome.

Stop by and meet all the great friends I have. It’s a fun place to visit and all my friends love the attention. They will actually greet you when you drive up with a cheery “arf arf” and all tails will be wagging just for you!

The stories are beginning to come in for Buddy’s Buds Book. You can check out all the information on Buddy’s blog at http://, call the Paws and Claws bookstore at 562-2100, or e-mail your story to See you next week!

Your friend, Buddy