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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Dear Friends,

I received this letter from Tiger. Thanks, Tiger, I love getting letters!

Dear Buddy,

Wow – you’re a dog and you got a bird! I thought just us kitties got birds. You must be one quick pooch.

I get in trouble too, but we’re both young so we’re supposed to. Twice I was outside and Mom was calling me and I kept running from her. It was my game called “catch me if you can, but you’re old and I’m one quick kitty.” I can also knock all the hats and visors off the shelf. I can open the cupboard doors, knock things off the table to clear it off, and I like to play chase with my brothers and sister – even in the middle of the night!

Try this next time you’re outside, Buddy the dog: If you run real fast and climb up a tree, YIPPEE all the birdies fly away. That is so fun.

Well, I gotta go burn off some energy, dog. I like your letters each week. Mom still calls me Tigger Tigger Tigger Tiger. You can just call me Tiger. Bye.

I was a pretty good guy this week. Only one time did my mom suspect something. I was in the woods and when I caught up with my schnauzer friends there was this white stuff on my little red sweatshirt. It was soft and there was a lot of it. She thinks I found a bunny’s nest. I am not going to tell her what it really was. It’s a secret!

We have started something new at the Ark Sanctuary. It is called “Volunteer of the Month.” We have such nice people come and help my friends by walking, feeding, petting, cleaning the runs and well, really just loving everyone so we thought it would be a great idea to honor the volunteers for their outstanding work.

For the past month of October, our volunteer is Lamar Qualls. Lamar actually broke up a disagreement between two of my other friends. It was really scary, but he jumped right over a fence and separated both guys. Wow! I am glad Lamar is okay and I am glad my two friends at the sanctuary were able to make up and be friends again. If you see Lamar, tell him thanks.

Don’t delay in getting your story to me for Buddy’s Bud’s book. Check out the blog at for the information or send your stories to Paws and Claws Bookstore, P.O. Box 95, Howe, IN 46746. Thanks.

                 Your friend, Buddy