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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Hi, friends

I am waiting for you to write a story through the eyes of your special friend for the Buddy’s Buds Book. Miller’s Super Valu was kind enough to let us put the information on the counter for the carry-out bags. You can also get the information on my blog.

I must confess my week was a little challenging. I was in just a little trouble. My substitute mom that I stay with while my mom is teaching left to have lunch with a friend. When she returned home, I had quite a surprise for her.

I jumped and jumped at her when she came home to let her know I had something special for her. She sorta figured I had done something unique because I was acting so excited and happy. She looked and looked around the house to try and find my surprise but it was right in the middle of the living room floor.

I had caught a bird and I brought it right through the dog doors and laid it right in the middle of the floor. She picked it up and didn’t seem nearly as proud and happy as I was. I don’t really know why, I worked very hard to catch it and then bring it into the house. Maybe it was the wrong color.

We went to the woods for our daily walk, and I know I am to stay with her but I took off over the hill and disappeared. She called and called and even though I heard her I pretended I didn’t. When I caught up with her and my schnauzer friends she put me on a leash.

Well, I knew right away why she did this. Trust me, it is no fun being in great woods and having to be on a leash. We walked this way for what seemed like forever and then she picked me up and said, “Buddy, your job is to stay with me. You are not to chase the horses, deer, and especially the skunks. If you do, I will put you back on the leash.”

Well, I understood all that quite well so I stuck to her just like glue. She praised me when we were done and said that I did a great job and she hoped it wouldn’t happen again. I hope it doesn’t either. Whew, it is very hard being a good boy.

I spoke with Brian at the Ark Sanctuary this week and even though we were able to find good homes for some of my cat friends during our open house last week we still need to be looking for good homes for all my other cat friends that are still at the sanctuary. If you or a friend of yours would like a forever friend, please contact Brian at 463-4142 to make a time to choose one.

I heard my mom and my substitute mom talking about an election coming up. I have no clue what that is, but I could tell by the things they were saying it’s a very important election and they wanted me to remind you to vote. It is a privilege, they said.

There are great opportunities to help at the Ark Sanctuary and at the Paws and Claws Bookstore. Call them and find out what would work into your schedule.

Remember, my blog is and my e-mail is myark

                 Your friend, Buddy