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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Zippity doo dah, Zippity aye, My oh my what a wonderful day…I am stepping pretty high! I have a new hair cut – and I am quite the handsome guy if I do say so myself. Thanks Puppy Love.  My mom took me to Pet Smart and I am looking good with a new collar, harness with a name and address tag.  I even got to meet some really big friends and because I was so good, got a biscuit. Thanks Mom, let’s go again soon.

The Ark Sanctuary open house was awesome! We had cider and donuts compliments of Super Value - thanks Dan. Many of my kitty friends found new homes and even some of my dog pals. We saw lots of people and it was really cool showing off the “new look.” If you were busy and didn’t get a chance to come, don’t fret, just stop out and say Buddy sent me and someone will be glad to show you around.

I got another new friend this week in the mail, here is her story.


Hi Buddy,

My name is Ember and I am just over three years old. My mom was reading me one of your older columns about bringing new pets into a home with existing pets and how stressful it can be for everyone. My mom and dad brought me home from the breeder three years ago. They already had three little dogs, but, when they saw me they said they just couldn’t resist.

I was the runt of the litter and very shy. I didn’t think I’d ever find my forever home. When I left my litter mates, I was afraid I’d be all alone. It was scary. Boy was I surprised when I got to my forever home and met the three little dogs that were already there. Mom and dad cuddled me and fixed me up my own bed with my own dish and toys. They held me warm and safe and brought the other dogs over to see me. We were all a little shy. I know my mom was worried we wouldn’t get along. I just kept a low profile even though I was bigger than the others.

One of the dogs was pretty friendly, but the other two were not interested in a new friend. It didn’t take long though before we started warming up to each other. The one dog that was the least interested in being friendly became my very best friend! Her name is Sammie. We run through the house and play and chase each other around the furniture. It’s great!! Mom scolds us when things start shaking, especially something she calls lamps.

Since I am quite a bit bigger than the others and much younger, I require a lot of walking. My mom and dad bought me a nice warm coat and something to cover my feet. They call them boots!!!! Do you believe it!!! I didn’t really like them at first, but, after I got used to them, they make the cold weather way more comfortable! My dad takes me for really long walks almost every day. We have lots of friends along the way that fuss over me and give me treats!! That’s the best part. Mom says I am not so shy anymore.

Thanks Ember I am glad you have a good home as I know how important that is to us. Write me again soon. How about another story for Buddy’s Bud’s Book?

Speaking of Buddy’s book, I am glad you asked. We have about 4 stories and we are waiting for yours…. Give it a try, every dog and cat has a story you know. It is pretty easy; you just sit down and think about your pet and presto the words will just come.

Your Friend,