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Four legs, a lick and a wag

Dear friends,

An evening to remember. It was awesome!

Wiggles and wags to all who came to the annual Ark dinner/auction on Saturday night. Great food, great people, great giving, great DJ, and great for my pals!

If you remember my new friend Rex was to have his first official time at the auction. Rex called and said he could not make it so I stepped in. I wore this very cool vest that had two special pockets on each side and the vest said something like donate for my friends. I got to walk around the room lots of times (hush but I got some chicken, too) and people petted me, and put this green stuff and some silver stuff in my pockets. My vest got very heavy after a little while.

Both my moms were there and they emptied my vest several times and then back to work I went.

I had a great time. I saw Cinder’s mom, Irish and Addie’s mom and dad, and Kobe’s mom, Abby and Sandy’s mom, well I just can’t list them all. I am so very lucky!

Marc the DJ, not sure what that is but I heard my name a couple of times and I would go up to that loud thing that he was talking into and gave him a paw or two and then I went back to work and got more green stuff. At the very end was an announcement about a door prize. I guess I don’t know about door prizes but everyone got pretty excited about it. I watched very close and listened hard.

Terri’s name was called. She said, “give it to Buddy’s friends!” I went over and high-pawed her and gave her a kiss. Then Charlie’s name was called, I went and high-pawed Charlie too. Charlie put the paper in my vest too! He didn’t want a kiss, but I would have given him one. All I know is I ended up with $700 for my friends at the sanctuary. It warms my heart. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

It was just a great week for my friends. Radiant had a bake sale and people haircut fund raiser for Ark, too. The gals donated their time to cut hair and lots of people brought goodies, even some dog goodies to the hair place for people to donate to Ark. They collected $500 for my friends! Thanks Radiant, Cindy, Val, Sara, and Kerstinn, plus all who made goodies. I love you all!

 I was at Prairie Height this week with my friends Pip, Chip, and Daphne for the safety program. We all dressed up for Halloween. It was fun, but my costume got itchy after a while. I was a lion and my friends who shared safety information were dressed up from the Wizard of Oz. The kids loved it and of course we did our tricks for them as well. You know my trick? I have done it 308 times without failure even in front of the white house. Ask any 4th grader then can tell you.

My town mom was giving Gertie her heartworm pill for the month. You know how important that is, right? Every month without fail! It helps us stay healthy and not get that awful heartworm disease that is very icky. She gave it to Gertie and Gertie spit it out so you know what I did? You guessed it I ate it. Gertie is much larger than me and my town mom was a little worried that maybe I had too much. So she did the right thing and called her niece the vet who helps Gertie and I stay healthy and asked if she should be concerned. Her niece assured her it was okay that I would have to eat lots more than I did to get sick. That is good to know just in case I am quick and get the next pill.

This is the time we all need to remember to make sure our pals have warm and have clean houses if they have to stay outside. It is also important to check water bowls daily for fresh water. Please make sure for the safety of all pets outside that you check on them daily and make sure they are safe and secure.

Check out www.arkanimal and Facebook and see the pictures from the dinner auction, safety program and Radiant hair fundraiser. Some pretty cool shots.

Golden goodies for the week: Wiggles and wags to all who came to the dinner auction, Radiant Hair and who come to the sanctuary and the Paws and Claws Bookstore. It is because of people like you that I have a home that I love and feel good in. And, it is because of people like you that my friends have a better place to call a temporary home. Keep up the good work!

Your “fur-ever” grateful friend, Buddy