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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Oct. 20 is the date you need to put on your calendar! The NEW Ark Animal Sanctuary will be officially open to the public. Wiggles and wags to all those who have made this possible!

Please go visit the sanctuary between 1 and 4 p.m. and see for yourself what has been done for all our friends waiting for their forever homes. It is so cool! I have been there and it is clean and pretty and my friends actually have smiles on their faces as they are being well cared for. They can’t wait until you decide which one you want to take home with you.

Brian told me that during the grand reopening ANY cash donation will be accepted for cats that find their forever home. I believe I heard some delicious cider and donuts will also be served. Who knows, maybe I will even be there to visit you. Here is the address: 0530E 300S in LaGrange.

While at the Ark booth during Corn School a nice lady stopped by and handed us this story about “All God’s Creatures.” I thought it was pretty cool so I would like to share it with you.


Just because I am a dog, doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain, doesn’t mean I don’t get cold, when I’m left out in the rain. Just because I am a cat, doesn’t mean that I don’t cry, doesn’t mean when I am pushed away, that I don’t wonder why. Just because I am an animal, does not make me less than you. You see, we’re all God’s creatures, and Jesus loves me too! By Ellen R. Burke.

I feel pretty special this week. My mom found a snazzy looking jacket with a collar and buttons and she put it on me and I felt all warm and toasty. It’s a plaid she said, whatever that is. I do know it makes me feel warm and my heart gets a little more special feeling when she puts it on me because I know she wants me to be warm during the cold mornings and evenings when we walk.

I remember a time when I wasn’t warm and was worried about when and what I would eat. Not now. Thanks mom, I love you too.

Ok, now it is your turn. You can write your story about your pet. I want to share stories that you have about your pet. We are going to call it “Buddy’s Buds Book.” They can be stories about how you named your pet, something your pet does that makes you laugh, how you found your pet, or how your pet found you. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have. If you send your pet’s picture in, that will also be included with your story. I have already received several stories so don’t hesitate to send them to me.

Some of my friends will help me put the book together and then we will offer it to you so you can enjoy all the other stories. Help me out and send in your special moment(s) with your special friend.

There is some additional information on my blog at Check it out and get involved, it will be fun!


My senior citizen friends, Buck and Heidi, are still at the sanctuary. You may remember they are “best friends” in that Buck is the vision for Heidi. I just talked with them last week and even though they are glad they are together at the sanctuary, they would really like to be in a home where they can enjoy your company and share in the rest of their lives together as “best friends.” Maybe if you feel them tugging at your heart you will be the one that offers them that forever home they are waiting for.

Here is the number for the sanctuary, just in case you want to call – 463-4142. See you next week. Don’t forget the open house.

                     Your friend, Buddy