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Four legs, a lick and a wag


Hi friends!

I have some wiggles and wags to share with you this week. Well to begin with, my mom had me on her raft this week in the lake, and yes you guessed it, I could not resist – I jumped in all by myself! I knew I was safe because she was already in the water and I had my life jacket on. It felt so very good, the nice cool water and I just swam around and around. It’s fun! I might try for the Olympics in the dog paddle. I think I could win in record time. Don’t forget to watch swimming at the London Olympics; you might just see me with Michael Phelps!

Secondly, wiggles and wags to a number of people this past week. A fire north east of LaGrange that could have been very bad not only for the people, but the 5 four footed friends of mine as well.

The people are fine and I am glad to report my buddies are fine too. However, let me share with you how good and kind people are in our towns. The American Red Cross responded and found a place for the people to stay and for my buddies to stay as well. Puppy Love in Howe offered their beauty shop for my four legged friends. They said they could all stay in the play area with the air conditioning on for them as well. Thanks Puppy Love, you are great - many wiggles to you!

Brian from the ARK sanctuary was contacted and he came with arms opened wide to take in my friends and comfort them. He told them all would be ok and that they would soon be back with their family but for the time they were safe and sound at the sanctuary and that he would make sure they had medical attention if they needed it. Wow, what cool people we have that would take the time to help 5 of my friends to stay together during a time when they were scared and unsure of what was going to happen.

Wiggles and wags to all those involved, LaGrange Red Cross, Puppy Love and the ARK sanctuary! Thanks friends, I love you all for helping in an unselfish way!

If you have not marked August 12, on your calendar, stop what you are doing and make sure you save this date for the Paddle down the river with pooches. Also, September 18 is the annual ARK auction and dinner at the 4-H fair grounds. Tickets are available and I even have some to sell. The Buddy contest is continuing, submit your pictures on line or drop them off at the Paws and Claws bookstore in Howe.

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Your Friend,