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Four legs, a lick and a wag


The weather is hot! The news on my mom’s radio this morning was it’s going to get hotter and very little rain in sight. So I thought I would help her out some.

While she was busy in the water closet, I went looking and I found some really cool stuff! Two round shaped things with some sort of white stuff on them. I found I could pull this stuff off and it would float in the air. So I got real busy because I remember some other white stuff from about six months ago and I also remember how cold, wet and hungry I was.

It was fun and I thought I was doing my mom a big favor because I heard her sigh when the weather guy said it was going to get hotter and hotter. By the time she got out of the water closet I had the house just full of white, fluffy stuff and when I ran around it made the fluffy stuff float through the air and come back down. So I ran and ran and ran around and when my mom saw this she said, “Buddy, what did you do?”

I just wiggled and wiggled and wagged and wagged because I could tell she was happy by her voice. She said, “Buddy, you have been a busy boy this morning.” I wiggled and jumped and in my head said, “Yep, and I sure hope you are happy because it took me a long time to make all this for you.” Mom said, “I guess I need to put the extra rolls of toilet paper behind a closed door so you can’t find them anymore.”

On a serious note this week, because it’s been so very hot I want to make sure all my friends are safe. My good doctor friend, JK, told me some signs to look for if I think one of my friends is in trouble.

Here they are: excessive panting, lethargy, weakness, drooling, high fever, dark red gums, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, collapse, staring, and warm, dry skin. She told me if I see any of these signs I should get my friend to the vet as soon as possible. She said some pretty scary stuff like it could damage my friend’s heart, liver, kidneys, and even their brain!

There is a complex blood disorder that could also be fatal. Oh my goodness, I didn’t know all this. If a doctor isn’t available quickly, she said I could put a cold, wet towel around my friend’s neck but to be careful not to cover my friend’s eyes, nose or mouth. I could use a hose to keep water running over my friend’s body, especially the tummy and between the hind legs.

This is really good information and I appreciate knowing how important it is during these hot months. Of course I already knew to never leave my friend in the car on warm days. The temperature inside a car can rise very quickly to very dangerous levels, and I sure don’t want any of my friends to have heatstroke.

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Your friend, Buddy