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Four identified as suspects in PH football field vandalism

The Prairie Heights High School football team started its 2014 season Friday night on a field that looked as good as new.

The field had been damaged by vandals on July 23. The vandals apparently drove a vehicle onto the field and spun through the turf. However, with a lot of hard work from the Prairie Heights maintenance team of Ron Northup and Dustin Holden, along with baseball coach Nick Pfafman, the field was restored in time for the season. “Our guys did great work,” noted Superintendent Jeff Reed last week.

The work also saved the district a lot of money. The initial damage estimate was $10,000, but Reed pointed out the cost to the school was about $2,000 since most of the work was done by the employees.

After a month-long investigation by the Prairie Heights Police Department, the Indiana State Police and the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department, four people have been identified as suspects. Charges are pending with the LaGrange County Prosecutor’s Office. Two of the suspects are females from the Angola area and the other two are males from the Prairie Heights area. Two are juveniles and the others two are over 18.

The pending charges include Institutional Mischief and Minor Consuming.