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Four file for Middle District Commissioner

Four people have filed Declarations of Candidacy for the office of Middle District County Commissioner. The office became vacant when long-time public servant Jac Price died September 6.

Those filing as of September 23 are:

Keith Stanton, LaGrange

Kevin Myers, Mongo

Terry Holsinger, Springfield Township

Dennis Kratz, Springfield Township

The Middle District is bounded by CR 400N on the north and CR 200S on the south side. Although candidates must be a resident of the Middle District, the office is voted on countywide. Therefore, all Republican precinct committeemen for LaGrange County will be eligible to vote at the October 1 caucus. The law specifies that only the committeeman, or a properly designated in advance vice committeeman, will be eligible to vote.

Registered Republican residents of the Middle District may file a declaration of candidacy for the office before 6 p.m. on September 28.

Voters are not eligible to vote in the caucus election, only precinct committeemen or a proper designee. The 16 committeemen and their phone numbers are:

Steve Bowen, Bloomfield I, 463-8638

Sue Glick, Bloomfield II, 463-7414

June Percy, Bloomfield III, 993-2211

Steve Monroe, Bloomfield IV, 318-1538

Pat Brown, Clay, 463-3993

Jeff Brill, Clearspring, 854-2474

Tim Cleveland, Eden, 768-7812

Michael Cole, Greenfield, 463-2465

Paul Wilson, Johnson North, 463-2640

Duane VanWagner, Johnson South, 854-2727

Philip Yunker, Lima, 562-3881

Jeff Wible, Milford East, 854-2564

Stephen Garman, Milford West, 316-2378

Ann Glick, Newbury, 768-4314

Aaron Talmage, Springfield, 351-4858

Terry Martin, VanBuren, 768-4328.

All the above telephone numbers are in the 260 area code.

Greenfield Township Committeeman Michael Cole announced at Wednesday evening’s central committee meeting that he will be out of town the day of the caucus. He filed the paperwork to designate his vice committeeman Robert Shanahan, 463-3013, to vote in the caucus.