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First ever Howe Garden Walk is a success

This past Saturday, the Howe community held a walking tour of six gardens throughout the town. Following a wedding theme, the six homeowners decorated their gorgeous gardens with love poems, wedding dresses, and even official marriage licenses.

    Ellen Stuckey, owner of Happiness is Ice Cream in Howe, organized the event last fall. She enlisted the six homeowners and they all agreed on a theme.

    Stuckey said she was inspired to hold the event because so many passersby are curious about her garden behind the ice cream shop. Stuckey said that people often stop in and ask for a garden tour, so she decided to finally open her garden gate to the community and answer questions for anyone interested in gardening.

    Tickets were sold at the ice cream shop and the money was donated to a local church.

   Jodi Blake, a homeowner who displayed her own garden in the event, was pleased to be a part of Stuckey’s tour. “She’s a great person within the community,” Blake said of Stuckey.

    Blake said she hopes that the garden walk will inspire the people of Howe and surrounding areas to be creative with their yards and take pride in their property.

    Blake’s tidy garden was decorated with her granddaughter’s flower girl dress and a love poem. When asked the secret of her gardening skills, Blake didn’t give much away. She did mention Clearspring plant and produce auctions as a place to buy seedlings.

    The garden walk was a success and many curious participants wandered through Howe with maps in their hands, many of them carrying an ice cream cone. The newly renovated back side of the Kingsbury Place building was highlighted, as a garden display was on the map at the quilt barn behind the building.

    The final stop on the tour was the Village View Bed and Breakfast in Howe, owned by Karen and Scott Weiland. The impressive garden provided the perfect backdrop to some refreshments and plant conversation.

    Karen Weiland, a Purdue Master Gardener, invited her fellow Master Gardeners to sell summer plants and enlist new gardeners.