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Fiber optic cable contract deadline passes

Information Technology Director Bob Murphy did not appear to be happy when he reported to county commissioners Monday morning that the deadline for installation of a fiber optic cable has been missed.

“We are having bandwidth issues. Many of our departments do a large portion of their work online. When they get a four- or five-page form nearly filled out and we drop bandwidth, all of that work effort is lost and there is a need to start over,” he reported.

“I am suggesting we try to work with this issue for a couple more weeks before contacting the county attorney regarding the possibility of cancelling the contract and seeking another vendor,” he continued.

Commissioners approved Murphy’s suggestion.

Murphy also reported that NIPSCO will charge $1 per pole per year for the county to hang its inter-office fiber optic cable on their poles. “That will be a total of $12 per year,” he stated.

This is a different project than the first item discussed.