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Fiber Optic Bid approved


LaGrange County Commissioners approved the only bid received for a fiber optic line to connect all of the county building located around LaGrange.

Clear Lake Electric, Fremont, was the only bidder for the project at $99,916 plus an allowance of $9,000 for NIPSCO pole replacement if needed.

The project will connect the county office building with the courthouse, highway department, health department and county sheriff’s office.

Bill Geiger, a representative of Clear Lake Electric, said that he is ready to start very soon and anticipates the project taking about six months to complete. “The first step is having a structural engineer determine if NIPSCO will need to replace any poles to accommodate the additional weight of the fiber optic cable,” said Geiger.

Information Technology Director Bob Murphy said that this project will pay back over time with savings on internet and telephone service.