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Eash Sales looking to expand

Eash Sales, located at 1205 N SR 5 in Shipshewana, received conditional approval for a planned expansion at Tuesday evening’s LaGrange County Plan Commission meeting.

The site plan presented called for the removal of the house structure that sits at the front of the location to add parking spaces. A small section would be added to a building to the south and a larger structure built further back on the lot. Eash Sales is also working to purchase additional land to the east of their location.

One issue that was addressed by the commission was the current layout of the driveways. It was noted that a third driveway on the north side of the parcel, had not been shown on any plans nor were there any permits shown for it.

The board was told that the two drives to the south had merged over time and that the proposed plan showed one drive to the south being closed, while seeking a permit for the north drive to facilitate traffic flow.

One document that the project was waiting was the approval of the driveway proposal from INDOT.

The project was also awaiting paperwork to be signed for the Town of Shipshewana noting that Eash Sales would be hooking into the town’s sewer system and would also sign a waiver of annexation, which is standard for those hooking into the town’s system.

The site plan was approved, contingent on receiving the INDOT approval and the signed documents asked for by the town.

In other business:

The board approved a site plan for the Reupholstery Shop at 3380 W 700 S, Topeka for a 1,456 sq. ft. addition.

Lambright Comfort Chairs had a site plan approved for a 3,500 sq. ft. addition for furniture manufacturing at 1150S 700W, Topeka.

Ernest and Mary Beechy, 2870 S 1000W, Shipshewana, were approved for a barn for wean through pigs of up to 1,000. A second building was also shown on the site plan, but the Beechys plan to build only one at the present time, but received IDEM permits for two.