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Easement request denied in BZA hearing


A request to have a 30 ft. easement for ingress and egress to allow a lot to be split for a new home was denied following a remonstrance by area property owners Tuesday evening at the LaGrange County BZA meeting.

Marco Ramirez of 1125W 700N applied for the 30 ft. easement where 50 ft. is standard for a platted subdivision lot. The easement would have allowed for a 2.43 acre lot to be divided into two lots, with one at 1.43 acres and the other lot at 1 acre.

It was noted that they did not need the full 50 ft. easement the county asks for as the lot could not be divided further as it would only serve the two lots.

However, property owners around the lot were against the variance that would allow for a second home to be built in the location. The one home already at the location was described as a singlewide, and neighbors were afraid that further splitting the lot and allowing another home could hurt property values.

Neighbors also turned in a petition that they said was signed by surrounding neighbors who were against the variance and the second lot.

One misconception that all subdivision easements would need to be paved and have rolled curbs was corrected as it was noted that the requirement cited is for major subdivisions only. 

The BZA denied the application for the variance, with all board members voting no on the question of the variance affecting property value of adjoining land. Votes were split on the questions of whether or not the strict application of the ordinance would make it difficult to use the property and whether or not the request was the minimum necessary and does not correct a hardship created by the owner.

In other business:

The BZA approved a developmental standard request for James and Marla Lambright of 7125W 500N to build a buggy shed/storage 4 ft. from the property line where 10 ft. is standard.

Archbold Equipment Company of 8035W 400S received approval for a new sign that will exceed the total sq. ft. for a sign array by 118 sq. ft. and have a flag mast sign 22 ft. high where the standard is 15 ft.

Joas Schlabach of 8935W 750N was approved for a land use variance to allow a welding business in an agriculture zone. The variance was approved with the condition of no outside storage and this use only.