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Early church leader’s resting place discovered in Greenwood Cemetery

A glimpse of a tombstone on a video posted online led amateur Church of God (Anderson) historian Dale Stultz to LaGrange Friday morning to see the final resting place of Joseph Fisher, something Stultz had been searching years for.

Fisher was an early publisher of the church’s journal, The Gospel Trumpet, out of Williamston, Mich., in the late 1800s. He had a falling out with the early church after divorcing his wife and remarrying and fell out of sight from the church’s history.

Stultz, of Anderson, has been gathering the history of the church for a comprehensive book and had just about everything he needed – expect where Fisher was buried. He suspected it was in LaGrange County, but could not verify that. However, a video online about Jean Fremion-McKibben’s continuing efforts to replace veteran headstones included a shot of Fisher’s headstone.

Stultz presented Fremion-McKibben with a copy of his book The Gospel Trumpet Years, which she plans to donate to the genealogy section of the LaGrange County Public Library.