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Draft study of SR 9 corridor getting review

Members of the LaGrange County Redevelopment Commission (RDC) were handed a draft study of the SR 9 corridor Friday that is being completed by engineering firm DLZ.

The draft looks at various questions posed for the corridor, which county officials have lone seen as a primary area for industrial development.

Among the issues looked at are the extension of water and sewer lines. However, since DLZ began work on the study, water lines have already been extended. One was the Town of LaGrange line that was extended from CR 200N to the new Filmore Equipment location near CR 300N. The other is an extension currently being installed from the Fawn River Crossing south to the Exo-S facility just north of the Howe Academy.

Discussion Friday morning revolved around future expansion of sewer lines, as well as the gap in the water line between Exo-S and CR 300N, a distance of just over three miles. It was noted that there are different options available for sewer line expansion, including tying an expanded line into the Fawn River Crossing sewer system, with wastewater being sent to Stugis or running lines to LaGrange. One question would be the available capacity with either one.

The board also discussed what type of system would be needed and work best with possible industrial expansion in the area.

A final report is expected at the RDC’s June meeting.