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Donation from Brodbeck Seeds will benefit Lakeland FFA


When Curtis Sherman attended the 22nd Annual Fort Wayne Farm Show, he expected to learn about new innovations in farming, but he didn’t expect his attendance to benefit agricultural education. That all changed when Sherman entered a raffle drawing at the Brodbeck Seeds show booth and was selected to direct a $250 donation to support agricultural education and leadership.

Sherman Farms was one of six show attendees to be selected to direct an agricultural education donation from Brodbeck Seeds, which will benefit the Lakeland High School FFA Chapter. FFA is an organization Curtis Sherman participated in throughout his four years at Lakeland High School.

As a farmer, Sherman says it’s important to give back to tomorrow’s agricultural leaders. “We need to keep young people involved in farming, particularly as the number of farms declines,” Sherman stated. “People need to understand where their groceries come from before they end up on the store shelves – food comes from farmers.”

Brodbeck Seeds District Sales Manager Ron Harter said farmers play a vital role in preparing the next generation of ag leaders. “Farming isn’t a nine-to-five job, but a way of life. FFA allows young people to learn from the farmers who are doing whatever it takes every day in their fields and on their tractors to feed America,” Harter commented. “Brodbeck Seeds is committed to helping our customers support FFA and the next generation of farmers.”