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Donate at the American Red Cross Blood Drive

An American Red Cross Blood Drive will be held on Saturday, June 14, from 8:00 am to 12 noon at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church near Stroh.

Residents from the Stroh/South Milford area and from the greater four county area are encouraged to give the gift of life through a pint of blood donation.  The units of blood received at this Blood Drive are processed by the American Red Cross and benefit multiple patients in medical facilities throughout the region.

Have you stopped to think how incredible our blood is?  It transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.  It carries waste products out of the body.  It delivers hormones essential for human development and regular bodily functioning.  In one day, the approximately 6 quarts of blood in your body travels 12,000 miles—that’s four times the distance across the U.S.!  Blood is the mobile, life-sustaining tissue of the body that is critical to every human being.  See how it is a serious situation when a person is in need of blood—and the number of people in need is huge!  Human donors are the best for supplying the ongoing demand.   Your contribution is vitally important to saving lives!

The American Red Cross Blood Drive will be held at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located three miles southwest of Stroh on LaGrange County Road 550 S at 1025 E – just north of Big Long Lake.

Please call 1-800-RED CROSS, or go to, sponsor code “pofpluth” to schedule you blood donation appointment.  For more information or for directions, please call the church office at 351-2144.