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DNR seeking input on regulations


The DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife wants to hear the public’s ideas on fishing, hunting and trapping regulations in Indiana, and it doesn’t require attending a meeting to give input.

Call it a “virtual” open house.

From May 15 to June 1, the public will be able to use a convenient online form to contribute ideas and suggestions as well as provide input on issues the DNR has identified for consideration.

To find the online form, go to and click on the “Got INput?” box near the middle of the page. The form will be available for use beginning May 15.

“This is an opportunity for people to let us know what changes they would like us to consider,” said Gregg McCollam, assistant director of the Division of Fish and Wildlife. “This process also allows us to get much needed feedback on issues that the division is in interested in moving forward.”

The online form allows people to comment quickly and enables DFW staff to organize the public input into categories.

Input on fishing, hunting and trapping regulations also can be mailed to: DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife, Attn: Proposed Regulatory Changes, 402 W. Washington St., Room W 273, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

After compiling the input, DFW staff will evaluate the comments and suggestions and come back in mid-summer with a second round of feedback both online and at open house meetings before proposing rules to the Natural Resources Commission.