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Discussion starts on sewer project


Discussion started Wednesday on the possibility of extending water and sewer service north of LaGrange along SR 9. Mark Eagleson, president of the LaGrange Town Board, appeared before a joint session of the LaGrange County Council and LaGrange County Commissioners to answer questions and ask a few of his own.

Eagleson said that the town sewer plant is operating at 25 to 30 percent of capacity and can easily accommodate more sewage. The water system also has some additional capacity.

“We really need more information,” Eagleson said. “How far will this project extend? As far as Lippert Components? To SR 120 in Howe? To connect with the system at the 121 Park?” No answers were given.

A legal notice appears elsewhere in this newspaper from the LaGrange County Redevelopment Commission seeking proposals for engineering services for the preliminary design, required infrastructure and cost estimates for a TIF #2 sewer line project and water line project. These proposals will be opened at a meeting of the RDC set for Friday, Oct 26, at 9 a.m. in the county office building.

A similar study was performed a few years ago that was called the “Armstrong Study.” A copy of this study is available for inspection at the LaGrange Town Hall.

Keith Gillenwater, president of the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), said that there is a local industry that is thinking of expanding and needs water and sewer.

If memory serves correctly, the land elevation of Howe is lower than in LaGrange. This is good for the flow of water, but will require pumping stations for sewage.