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Democrats challenge Republican coroner nominee


The LaGrange County Democratic Party is waiting to hear when its challenge to the Republican coroner candidate filing will be heard by the county’s election board.

The challenge was filed with the LaGrange County Clerk’s office by Democratic Chairman Mark Eagleson, and maintains that the Republican Party did not follow all state rules and properly fill out the state forms when the party nominated Randy Packer. No candidates ran on the May Republican ballot.

Robert Reichard has been named the Democratic candidate for the coroner post, while Jeffery Helmuth has filed as an Independent candidate.

The filing by the Democratic Party contends that state law requires a candidate vacancy to be filled by a party caucus or by the chairman, if authorized to fill the vacancy. If a county chairman files to fill a candidacy vacancy, it must also attach a copy of the county party committee’s authorization, which could include the minutes.

The filing by the Democratic Party contends that the Republican filing did not meet those requirements.

The LaGrange County Election Board, made up of the county clerk and one Democrat and one Republican appointee, has until noon on Sept. 7 to meet to decide on the challenge.