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Deed scam alert

Landowners are being targeted once again in the state of Indiana. Please be aware of an agency that is sending out letters stating the importance of obtaining a copy of your deed.

This agency has also started calling landowners warning them of the urgency in obtaining their deed. The agency states that it is a long and expensive process to obtain a copy of the deed and offers to do the work for the landowner at a cost of $80-$90.

Having a copy of your deed is always a good idea, but it is not an urgent matter under most circumstances. Obtaining a copy of your deed is typically a quick process and the cost of a deed statewide is $1/page (most deeds are only 1-3 pages). Deeds can be obtained in person at the LaGrange County Recorder’s Office or by emailing Jennifer McBride, LaGrange County Recorder, at jmcbride@

Obtaining your deed via email is possible but requires credit card payment over the phone and a fee is added to the transaction making a typical deed cost approximately $10.