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DAR welcomes new members

LaGrange de LaFayette NSDAR Conservation Chairman Adrianne Vogler presented an educational program at the regular DAR chapter meeting held on March 15.

The program focused on the important need for recycling as it relates to the building and operation of landfills to accommodate our ever-increasing trash production. The members learned how a landfill functions and how much time it takes for non-hazardous waste to decompose. Most members were very surprised at how many months and years it takes to break down common trash.

This informative program was followed by a new member induction ceremony. The chapter welcomed Cheryl Kirkpatrick and Linda Stanton as the newest members.

Any female who believes they have lineal decent from a Revolutionary War patriot is encouraged to contact chapter registrar Deb Muntz at 260-367-1254 for help with researching and completing application papers.

The chapter meets the third Saturday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the fellowship hall of the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church. Guests are welcome.