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DAR holds ceremony for new members


 Adrianne Mishler, Deb Muntz, and Lillian Stoner were welcomed as new members of the LaGrange de LaFayette Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution March 9. Eligibility for membership is certified by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) by verification of proven lineal descent from an ancestor who gave aid to American colonists during the American Revolution.

The NSDAR was organized by Eugenia Washington, Mary Desha, Ellen Hardin Walworth and Mary S. Lockwood. They founded the organization for the purpose of cherishing, maintaining, and extending the institutions of American freedom for which Americans fought and died.

The new members were installed by Chapter Regent Sharla E. Thompson and past State Chaplain Miriam Carnahan. Members promise to faithfully uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and promote the objectives of the national society.Each new member received a DAR pin to commemorate the event.

Adrianne Mishler is a descendent of patriot John Moore Sr., Deb Muntz is a descendent of patriot John Moore Sr., and Lillian Stoner is a descendent of newly established patriot David Karr.

The LaGrange de LaFayette Chapter NSDAR honored Miriam Carnahan for her service to the Indiana State DAR as State Chaplain from 2009-2012. Carnahan has 60 new DAR members to her credit, has been instrumental in the revitalization and inception of five chapters in Indiana, and has served in numerous positions of leadership over her 44-year membership. Chapter members honored her with a pewter medallion commemorating Great Women in History.

Any woman who believes she has an ancestor that aided the cause of freedom during the Revolutionary War can contact the chapter via e-mail at for help in completing application papers. Those without internet can contact Deb Muntz or Miriam Carnahan in the Genealogy Department of the LaGrange County Library on the second Tuesday of each month.