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Dallas Lake Park Pond Lil property transferred

At a special ceremony on December 13, 2013 at Lakeland Title Company in LaGrange, Lagrange County Community Foundation (LCCF) transferred title to the LaGrange County Parks and Recreation Department for 44 acres of land on Pond Lil - located on the south border of Dallas Lake Park.

The property will increase park size to 140 acres and will be developed by the county for educational access to its unique wetland and oak savanna. As part of the planned transition of ownership, LCCF purchased the property from a private seller in August, 2012.

This purchase insured that the delicate Pond Lil ecosystem would be preserved around its entire circumference while the county secured grant funding from the State of Indiana to cover the purchase price of $323,952. During the 16 months of LCCF ownership until grant funding was obtained, LCCF paid all associated taxes and other fees for the project. This additional expense totaled $15,000.