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CVB awards $9,610 in grants

A joint meeting of the LaGrange County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the county convention, recreation and visitors commission resulted in $9,610 being awarded to three county organizations.

The county barn quilt tour organization was awarded $2,710 after the combined group defined the tour would provide entertainment in the evening as well as on Sundays to visitors to this area.

The Shipshewana Retail Merchants Association (SRMA) received $4,500 of a $5,431 request for a radio advertising campaign designed to encourage overnight guests.

A request from LaGrange Community Youth Center, Inc. (LCYC), for $2,400 was approved. This money will be used for Kite Komotion Festival advertising designed to attract overnight visitors during the early spring.

CVB board members approved a design option for a new CVB sign presented by Legendary Designs.