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CR 200N project will move ahead


Both County Council and County Commissioners voted Monday morning to move ahead with the project of improving 1.9 miles of CR 200N. The project is to include straightening out the curve at 600W, leveling some of the hills and filling in some of the dips in the road.

In addition, the project will widen the traffic lanes to 11-ft. wide with a 1-ft. paved berm, all to improve the safety of those traveling the road.

It was noted there are two Amish schools, on roads 400W and 500W, and a large number of students travel this stretch or road on foot, on bicycles and with carts on a daily basis, twice a day for nine months of the year. “We’ve simply been lucky not to have had more than one accident in this area,” a council member said.

Councilman Jac Price (an incoming county commissioner) stated that he was opposed to trying to fund this project in a way that would eliminate the public’s ability to remonstrate. Others seemed to agree.

Both council and commissioners voted to use a County Economic Income Tax (CEDIT) bond issue to fund the estimated $3.2 million project. A motion was passed by both council and commissioners to increase the CEDIT tax rate a sufficient amount to adequately fund the repayment of bonds. The county sold a $1.2 million bond issue this month for 1.65% interest.

There are 32 property owners with land that will be involved in the project. Most of the property owners in the project area are greatly in favor of the road being improved. Some have already indicated they will be willing to donate right-of-way land.

The vote to move ahead will start the process of holding public meetings which will trigger remonstrance periods.