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CR 200N project still alive


County Highway Superinten-dent Jeff Brill told county commissioners Monday morning that he is working on a different design for the CR 200N project. “I will have this ready for presentation at the April 8 joint meeting with the council,” he said.

The project was essentially dead after the March 11 county council meeting when the council membership failed to make any decision on funding. There had been a commitment for issuing a bond that was to have been paid with Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) during the last quarter of 2012.

That process fell apart when it was learned that there is not a consistent income stream from EDIT to satisfy bond holders. That made it necessary for the council to consider other funding options. This, combined with a change in council faces after the election, placed the entire project in jeopardy when members questioned the need for a $3.2 million effort to widen the road, level hills, improve berms, install bicycle lanes, and straighten a curve at the township line.

Brill will be bringing a scaled down (less costly) version of the project to the meeting for discussion and possible approval. The need for improving the road has been aired numerous times in the past, citing the traffic and terrain as creating a real safety issue.

Commissioners approved two plats for Plan Director Bob Shanahan. Alton Bontrager has divided his land, located at the junction of CR 500W and 300N, into two parcels to separate the residence from his business. This started out as a home business and has grown to the point that the separation is necessary for the business to continue to grow.

A second plat was approved for John Miller. Miller’s property is located south of Emma at the jog on CR 600W. The pie-shaped piece of ground contains 1.6 acres and will qualify as a possible residential lot. The road to the east of this property will be vacated.

Both of these properties passed through both the plat committee and plan commission with no restrictions.

It was noted that April 1 is the anniversary date when Ark Animal Sanctuary taking over the county animal control facility. Brian Cochran, official in charge of the sanctuary, noted that there will be an open house from 1-4 p.m. on April 20 to celebrate the anniversary. Cochran pointed out that there is a new sign in front of the facility which was built by Cole Miller as an Eagle Scout project.

Commissioner Larry Miller announced that trees will be planted at Par-Gil Nature Center on Arbor Day in memory of Sam Yoder and Michael Holcomb.