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Cowan-Nguyen participates in Brush with Kindness


“Turnabout is fair play” turns out to be a truism for Jacqueline Cowan-Nguyen. She served as a missionary in Burma. She adopted needy children. She worked with her Ft. Wayne church to solve housing dilemmas for VA veterans. Now, it’s her turn to be helped.

A widow, Cowan-Nguyen suffered through two auto accidents, a severe burn, and a stroke. Her home near Dallas Lake was in dire need of a roof. She contacted LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity’s “A Brush with Kindness” program, filled out the paperwork, and helped volunteers to replace her roof Oct. 16 and 17.

Jacqueline’s grandmother was born near Topeka, and Jacqueline was born in Sturgis, Mich., two generations later. But her life journey took her on a world-wide path, through Burma (where she married and adopted her children) back to Ft. Wayne, and finally to LaGrange County where she moved in 1999. Over the years, her home has needed multiple repairs, which she was able to complete, but when it came to the roof, “I prayed, ‘Lord, I am having a hard time. What can I do?’” Cowan-Nguyen said.

It turned out that her prayer was answered when five LCHFH volunteers and a truck from a local lumber yard showed up at her home. “I am so grateful. I just wasn’t seeing my way,” she stated.

For more information on the “Brush with Kindness” program, contact the LCHFH office at 463-8519.