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Couple arrested on drug charges


On Oct. 4, the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department was requested to assist the Indiana Department of Family Services (IDFC) with an investigation into a tip that was received through their hotline regarding a couple was manufacturing methamphetamine in their residence on CR 280N.

Deputies assisted an IDFC caseworker at the residence in an attempt to make contact with the couple, which at first was met with no answer. While on the scene the female involved, Renee Burlew, 27, arrived at the residence and advised officers that her husband, Phillip Burlew, 25, was inside the residence.

Officers received consent to search the residence from the Burlews. Officers had already located items outside the residence which showed signs of possible connection to the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Once inside the residence, officers found paraphernalia associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine as well as precursors associated with manufacturing meth. Deputies then detained the Burlews on initial charges of maintaining a common nuisance and made application for a search warrant.

Deputies were granted a search warrant by the LaGrange County Courts and executed the warrant on the residence shortly thereafter to conclude the search.

During the search, more items associated with manufacturing meth were located in the residence. A large quantity of a white powder-like substance was also located, which is believed to be methamphetamine. Phillip Burlew allegedly attempted to flush chemicals down the toilet upon the officers’ arrival but was slowed by a blockage due to the items he attempted to flush. Phillip Burlew will also face additional charges for illegal dumping of hazardous waste as well as destruction of evidence.

Both Phillip and Renee are being held on $22,000 bond on initial charges including five felonies and a misdemeanor each. Charges for manufacture of methamphetamine will be filed at a later time.