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County sees slight rise in unemployment


LaGrange County’s unemployment rose in June, putting the county just below 8 percent.

The numbers released at the end of last week by Indiana Workforce Development, showed LaGrange County’s unemployment rose by .7 percent to 7.9 percent for June. A year ago, the rate stood at 9.2 percent.

The county saw 139 fewer people on the employed list, while adding 97 to the unemployed tab. The county saw its labor force also drop by 42.

A year ago, the county had a labor force of 16,319. That number has dropped by more than 600 to 15,703 in June.

The slightly higher rate still puts LaGrange County in the bottom half of Indiana counties overall, coming in at 52nd.

Indiana as a whole saw its unemployment rise by a tenth to 8.0 percent. A year ago, the state had 9.1 percent unemployment.

Regionally, Elkhart County continues to have the highest rate at 8.9 percent. Noble County is just behind Elkhart at 8.8 percent. Steuben County is another tenth back at 8.7 percent.

Despite the slight rise in the rate, Indiana’s outlook is looking better than most, with private sector job growth at 6 percent, nearly double the national average of 3.3 percent. Indiana ranks sixth in the nation on private sector job growth.

Manufacturing growth is the state’s strongest area, with the second highest amount of manufacturing jobs added in the past year, just behind Ohio.