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County rejects Duff property bids

After hearing from the LaGrange County Park Board, the LaGrange County Commissioners voted Monday morning to reject the bids that they had received on property owned by the county at Cedar Lake.

The bids were initially taken on December 2, 2013, on the 0.6-acre tract that had been donated to the county. Bids were received from FBI Farms, represented by Phil Curtis, for $6,101.25, and from the Moore Family for $5,500.

The commissioners decided to allow the park board the opportunity to discuss the options, which they did at a special meeting earlier this month. The park board, represented by board member Julia Wolheter, recommended not selling the property.

The commissioners voted to take the park board’s recommendation and reject both bids.

In other business:

The commissioners authorized transferring a van used by the community corrections program to Steuben County, as part of the program, to be used to transfer workers for road cleanup. The van will be transferred at no cost, but the licensing and insurance will be covered by the community corrections program.

The commissioners voted to issue a Request for Proposals for general liability insurance. Proposals need to be in the auditor’s office by 8:30 a.m. on February 17.

The commissioners are recommending that the Town of Shipshewana look at annexing the sides of CR 735W so that the town can enforce a no parking area that stretches along the soccer fields at that location. It was noted that the road itself had been given to the town sometime in the past.

The commissioners approved the purchase of a new printer for printing county IDs. The printer, along with updated software and maintenance, is being purchased from the company that the original printer came from at a cost of $1,993.95. The county IT director told the commissioners that other vendors had quotes of $2,200 to $2,500.

The commissioners approved a request from LaGrange County Sheriff Terry Martin for 10 new chairs to replace ones that were original to the jail when it was first built. Total cost for the chairs is $3,500, which includes two heavy-duty chairs that Martin noted are used 24/7.