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County is re-thinking 200N project


County Commissioners opted to re-think the CR 200N project which was approved at last week’s county council/commissioner joint meeting.

As the commissioners started to establish a common construction wage committee for the project, County Councilman Richard Yoder stated that after further thinking some members of the council were concerned that too much money for the project was to be taken from the Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) fund. “We would ask that you review the entire project: the funding, the safety issues, etc., and possibly change what we are doing on CR 200N.”

The joint meeting had decided to cut the project to pretty much a repaving project that would widen the travel lanes one foot and take up to a foot off the top of some hills. The approach from the south on CR 500W was also to be addressed.

The meeting cut the project back from either $2.5 or $3.2 million to about $700,000. Commissioner Larry Miller commented that people in the community surrounding the proposed road construction project are saying, “Do it right or don’t do it at all.” Miller made the motion to reconsider which passed unanimously.

The project has been directed back to a committee consisting of Commissioner Garry Heller, Councilmen Michael Strawser, Richard Yoder and Ben Taylor, Surveyor Rex Pranger and County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill.

Although no official date has been set for any further meetings on this subject, there is speculation that a joint meeting of the council and commissioners will be called for to follow the county council meeting of May 13.