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County moving ahead with tax certificate sales

The LaGrange County Commissioners voted Monday to move ahead with a Tax Certificate Sale program in an effort to get properties back on the tax rolls.

Under the program, up to 19 parcels, owned by 15 owners, would be auctioned off for a minimum bid later this spring. The properties are ones that have been on tax sales without any buyers. Through the program, bidders can purchase a property at the auction and then, through a process that includes notifying the property owners and other interested parties, can receive the deed to the land. The minimum bids include a $30.56 amount to cover costs to the county.

Owners of the properties on the list may not buy the certificate, the commissioners were told. However, those who purchase the certificates may do whatever they wish with the land once they own the deeds.Of the parcels to be advertised for the sale, the largest is the Shipshewana Development property which includes the Splash Universe Water Park. The minimum bid for that parcel is $700,031.56.

Others, like the Pipeline property on E. Central St. in LaGrange, are listed at a minimum bid of $31.56.

Whoever purchases a certificate at the sale will be responsible for the costs of any additional work, legal fees, title searches or surveys.