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County looking to amend ordinance on piers/docks


LaGrangeCountymay be out of the business of regulating piers and docks in area lakes if a proposed amendment is passed.

The LaGrange County BZA was set to hear five requests Tuesday evening to place piers on Big Long Lake in the Big Long Lake Park area. Piers in that area have been the subject of litigation as lot owners seek to have piers placed on an easement that is not connected to their lot.

The five petitions have been postponed after the petitioners were informed that the county may change regulating piers and docks.

According to LaGrange County Planning and Zoning Administrator Bob Shanahan, the LaGrange County Plan Commission is expected to act on a recommendation that would remove the words “pier” and “dock” from the county’s ordinance.

If approved, the recommendation will go to the county commissioners at their July 2 meeting. 

If the commissioners approve the amendment, the result would be that the county would not administer piers or docks as auxiliary uses. Instead, the placement of docks and piers would be a matter for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. “LaGrange County would not regulate the placement of piers,” Shanahan said.

The petitioners are waiting until the June 25 BZA meeting to see if the recommendation passes the plan commission’s June meeting.