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County library ready for its new bookmobile


With the old bookmobile still out of service, the LaGrange County Library is anxious to get the new one in and on the road to serve its patrons.

The LaGrange County Library Board heard an update on the financing of the new bookmobile, which is ready for delivery.

So far, the library has received a total of $100,806.52 through gifts, fundraisers, donations from schools and businesses, and grants. The library can still get an additional $29,596 from the Dekko matching grant, which expires at the end of February.

Once the deadline for the Dekko grant passes, the library will be able to show the amount raised locally and Dekko will be able to write the check for the matching grant, the board was told. Once that happens, the library will pay for the bookmobile and get it delivered.

“We’ve had a lot of good public response,” Library Director Mary Hooley told the board.

The board also authorized placing the old bookmobile in an auto sales publication with a list price of $6,500.

In other business:

The board signed an agreement to be a Red Cross Emergency Shelter. Jo Schrader, Red Cross operations coordinator for LaGrange County, told the board that the Red Cross had done a survey of the main library to see how well it would serve as a shelter. “This is an excellent place for the potential to have a shelter,” Schrader told the board. The library is also a good fit, Schrader said, because the garage can be used to house pets as well.

The LaGrange County Red Cross Chapter recently received a trailer that is outfitted for emergencies and includes cots, first aid materials, and other items to set up in the event of an emergency. A special event is planned for March 31 to show the trailer to the public and showcase the library as a shelter, with the community room set up as an emergency shelter for the day.

The board set up a committee to look at various board policies, including public input at board meetings and being placed on a board agenda. The board was given a draft of a policy recommended by the state covering distributing materials, canvassing, performing or speaking on library property.

The board renewed the library’s non-resident policy.