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County library adopts pay matrix


Looking to balance out the salary for employees and to move more into alignment with state pay grades, the LaGrange County Library Board approved a new pay matrix last week.

Assistant Library Director Michelle Blank presented the new pay scale to the board last Thursday, noting that currently in the library, there is a problem with some unequal pay. She noted two employees, both with bachelor’s degrees, but one earns $35,000 while the other only earns $19,000. There were similar discrepancies based on experience, she told the board.  “There were no standards regarding education or performance,” Blank said. “Raises were the same percentage across the board.”

Another issue that came up in examining the pay issue was that there was no apparent “ladder” for employees to work their way up.

A committee worked to find a solution and presented the pay matrix to the board. The matrix included nine pay grades, with raises based on performance reviews as well as education levels. “The minimum was based on discussion with the personnel committee. We worked to fit it with current salaries,” Blank stated. She added that the overall salary ranges were still below other area library systems for the same levels.

Blank told the board that the committee decided that no one should see a cut in wages. They also pointed out that three employees are currently at or above the maximum salary range based on the new pay matrix, and those employees would see their salaries remain fixed at that level. Three other employees would see increases in their salaries to bring them in line with the new matrix. The increase in salary for the three was expected to be less than $3,500, and is available in the 2012 budget, the board was told.

The new pay matrix will take effect January 1, 2013.

The board also held a budget workshop during its meeting, looking ahead at its meeting with the Department of Local Government Finance. Overall, the library is looking at a projected budget of $1,719,472 for 2013. Of that, $1,096,371 is for the operating fund and $462,114 is for the debt service fund. The overall certified budget for 2012 was $1,672,639. The 2013 projected budget is an increase of $46,833.