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County considering new numbers for livestock operations

At Monday’s meeting, the LaGrange County Plan Commission discussed possible changes to the county’s ordinance regarding how it quantifies animals for Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs).

Currently, an AFO is based on the number of animals expected to be kept at a location.

Under the plan being discussed, the county would look at animal units based on weight. One animal unit would equal 1,000 pounds. An AFO would be considered any operation with 30 animal units, totaling 30,000 pounds of that species.

The idea is still being discussed, with no timeline set for any changes.

In other business:

The plan commission will be holding a public meeting in October to review the county’s flood plain ordinance. The changes being made to the document are primarily changes of dates and reference numbers. The county is expected to adopt the ordinance on November 20.

Harley and Loranna Bontrager had a site plan approved for a business at 6395S 900W in Topeka. The plan was for the retail sale and repair of refrigerators and freezers, and the sale of gas ranges, water heaters, tankless water heaters, wall and room heaters, furnaces, buggy heaters, water softeners and parts, osmosis drinking units, Coleman parts and mantels, low and high pressure lights with brackets, stock tank heaters, sewing machine and cabinets, LP gas tanks and valves, copper tubing, bin with brass fittings, floor lamps, cookware sets and housewares.