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County BZA holds July meeting

The LaGrange County BZA met on July 15 to hear several variance petitions.

The first was by Stephen and Sue Ellen Slater of 11680E 660S. The variance approved was for a 21.6 ft. lakeside setback where the standard is 45 ft., as well as a 3.7 ft. side yard setback where the standard is 10 ft.

Esther Stahly of 11706W 750N was approved for a lakeside setback of 31 ft. A request for a 1 ft. side yard setback was withdrawn.

Wayne and Linda Troyer were approved for a roadside setback of 68 ft. for buggy barn at 8570W 350N. The standard is 80 ft.

Michael and Peggy Randolph were approved for two side yard setbacks of 4 ft. at 5149E 620S. The application is for a structure on a back lot. The BZA noted that there was to be no living area above the structure.

Lorna Spradlin had an application approved for the placement of a singlewide home in an S-1 district located south of 3395S 140E.

K&C Marine at 5840S 200W was approved to operate a marina in an agricultural zone, with retail sales of marina-related items.

Mervin and Katie Miller of 2475S 050W had an application for retail sales of small engine equipment and parts approved.