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County awards bids for highway materials

    Bids were awarded Monday morning for highway materials to be used next year, for steel roofing on a building at Dallas Lake Park, and for repairs at the animal shelter.

    Highway material bids were awarded to The Air Marking Co. of Rochester for paint striping; Bit Mat Products (a division of Klink Trucking) and Pierceton Equipment Co., Inc., for liquid cut back asphalt and emulsified asphalt; and Great Lakes Chloride, Inc. of Warsaw for calcium chloride.

    Quotes for bituminous patching material were accepted from API Construction Corp. of LaOtto, Brooks Construction Company, Inc. of Ft. Wayne, Niblock Excavating of Bristol, Phend and Brown Inc. of Milford, and Pulver and Sons Asphalt Materials, Inc. of Albion.

    Sand and gravel quotes were accepted from Elkhart County Gravel, Inc. of Middlebury and Irving Gravel Company, Inc. of Hoagland.

    Quotes for limestone were accepted from Hanson Aggregates of Angola, Hixson Sand and Gravel, Inc. of Garrett, IMI/Irving Materials, Inc. of Huntington, and Stone Street Quarries, Inc. of Hoagland.

    Quotes for pipe culvert were accepted from CPI Supply of Bedford and St. Regis Culverts, Inc. of Indianapolis.

    County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill noted that quotes are accepted from different firms to allow for the purchase of commodities at the closest point of use to save on trucking costs.

    Bids for steel to cover a roof at Dallas Lake Park were received from four firms. The bids are for material only and labor quotes will be taken next year for the installation of the roofing. Money for the project will come from the parks dept. operating budget.

    The bids of Alpha Building Center ($4,856) and that of Kuntry Lumber ($4,980) were considered and the award went to Alpha Building Center. The other bids from Big-C Lumber and Northern Cashway Lumber were considerably higher.

    Bids for repair work at the animal shelter were received from three providers with the award going to Larry Miller at $1,028. Other bidders were Pete’s Construction and Pete Barkman Construction. Commissioner Miller excused himself from the discussion and decision on this project.

County Attorney Kurt Bachman reported on the possible sale of two lots from the former Cedar Lake Swim School property. “We have two parties interested and bidding on the property at this time,” Bachman said.

    Initially, two adjacent property owners, Mike Neeley and Harry and Rosemarie Scott, entered bids. Neely bid $5,000 for each lot and Scotts bid $6,200 for Lot 29 and $6,000 for Lot 28. Neeley then raised his bid to $7,500 for each lot and Scott countered with $8,200 for Lot 29 and $8,000 for Lot 28.

    “Now what?” Bachman asked. He noted that the law would allow for additional bids from each party and commissioners Larry Miller and Garry Heller agreed to continue accepting bids back and forth between the two parties until one party or the other refused to advance the bidding. Commissioner George Bachman excused himself from the proceedings relating to this subject because of a personal conflict of interest.

    Cathy Phillip was appointed as a taxpayer representative on the common construction wage committee for Lakeland School Corporation building projects.

    Highway Superintendent Brill presented commissioners with an Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) agreement relating to federal money for a sign grant. Brill urged the commissioners to sign the instrument, saying it had been approved by an engineering firm and is a standard INDOT form used throughout the state.

    Commissioners moved to approve subject to a review of the contract at a staff meeting.

    A statewide meeting of county office holders (Association of Indiana Counties) will be held next week in Indianapolis. Several LaGrange County office holders are expected to attend.

    County Auditor Kay Myers reported that her office had discovered an error that needs to be corrected in the Tobacco Cessation Grant. In one place there is a figure of $117,770 and in another $117,700. “The $117,770 is correct and I need you to sign that document so we can straighten out this matter,” she said. Commissioners agreed and signed the corrected document.