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County approves new software purchases


LaGrange County Commissioners approved the purchase of two different software packages at their Monday meeting. New building department software was approved with a price tag of $8,500 and a software module was approved for the LaGrange County Auditor’s office to calculate excise tax. This software costs $5,000.

Money for the building department software will come from the appropriated Riverboat Gambling Fund and the auditor’s software will be purchased from fees generated through the Plat Book Fund.

The current software being used in the building department is some 4½ years old. There is no support for the program (the original vendor has gone out of business) and the data can be converted to the newly purchased software by the vendor, Schneider and Company. This is the current vendor that supplies much of the GIS software.

One of the major advantages to the Schneider program is the ability to generate overlays of current permits on the county map. This information will be beneficial to both the building department and the LaGrange County Health Department.

The excise tax software will enable the auditor to save considerable time in calculating the excise tax that is due the various units of government.

Commissioners heard a report on the recent fiber-optic cable cut that affected  communications at businesses in the south part of LaGrange as well as the county jail and communications center.

A contractor working in the area of the jail cut a 400-pair cable that cut off all telephone service to the communications department and also affected cellphone service in the area.

“The emergency went as well as we could have hoped for,” said Information Technology Director Bob Murphy.

“CenturyLink was on the problem within minutes and provided temporary service very soon,” said Aaron Knisley, communications director. A temporary fix was made overnight with cable strung through trees and across open ground.

Credit was given to the 800 megahertz radio system that is now in place as well as the new radio towers that have been installed as the result of the recent technology bond issue being undertaken by the county.