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Council approves transfers

Members of the LaGrange County Council met in a brief meeting Monday morning to approve transfers of funds within budgets and some additional appropriations.

Councilman George Bachman commented that the numbers of transfers indicated that some errors must have been made at budget time with transfers being enacted this early in the year.

All transfers were approved as presented.

Additional appropriations were allowed from three funds, none from the general fund.

The building department will be receiving a new vehicle with a value of $24,149. The money will come from the county’s rainy day fund.

The surveyor’s corner perpetuation fund will be tapped for $12,000 and a transfer within the Cumulative Capital Development fund of $9,412 will be used to pay for a new vehicle for the county surveyor.

Money was appropriated from the Infraction Deferral Fund in the amounts of $3,890.77 for laptop computers to be used in the prosecutor’s office; $8,000 for the Town of LaGrange Police Department’s police dog; and $2,300 for the repair of the Town of Wolcottville police car.